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Scientific Congress Topics

Neurological disorders and PRM

  1. Spinal Cord Injuries Evaluation and Management

  2. Traumatic Brain Injuries Evaluation and Management

  3. Multiple Sclerosis Evaluation and Management

  4. Stroke Evaluation and Management

  5. Evaluation and Management of Spasticity

  6. Management of Neuropathies

  7. Management of Myopathies

  8. Cerebral Palsy Evaluation and Management

  9. Management of neurological disorders complications:

            A. Sexual Dysfunction

            B. Bladder Dysfunction

            C. Bowel Dysfunction

            D. Swallowing & Speech Dysfunction

​Musculoskeletal disorders and PRM

  1. Rheumatic diseases Management

  2. Orthopedic conditions Management

  3. Osteoporosis Management

  4. Spine disorders Management

  5. Sports injuries Evaluation and Management

  6. Connective tissues disorders Management

Amputation, Prosthetics & Orthotics in PRM

  1. Advances in management of amputation

  2. Rehabilitation of amputation in Mediterranean countries

  3. Advanced technology in prosthetic and orthotics

Advanced Technology in Rehabilitation

  1. Robotics virtual reality

  2. Innovative techniques in PRM

Pain Management and PRM

  1. Pain Evaluation & Management

  2. New Procedures in Pain Management

  3. Advances in: Meso therapy, Collagen therapy, Prolotherapy and other rehabilitation techniques

Special subjects in PRM

  1. Regenerative Rehabilitation (Stem Cell therapy & P.R.P)

  2. Cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders rehabilitation

  3. Geriatric conditions and PRM

  4. PRM management in pediatrics conditions

  5. Cancer rehabilitation

  6. Advances in rehabilitation diagnostics

  7. Special therapeutic methods in rehabilitation

Plenary Sessions

  1. Rehabilitations strategy and services in Mediterranean Region

  2. PRM education and researches in Mediterranean Region countries

  3. Residents and young Physiatrists in Mediterranean Region countries

  4. Rehabilitation challenges in crisis responses

  5. Multidisciplinary rehabilitation team

  6. Rehabilitation Challenge in COVID-19 Pandemic

  7. Neuromodulation role in Rehabilitation Management 

Medical Tourism & Medical Spa

  1. Health Tourism

  2. Thermal Tourism

  3. Balneotherapy

  4. Climatotherapy

  5. Thalassotherapy 


  • ​Pain Management (non invasive techniques)

  • Lumbar Spine Injections

  • Electromyography role in peripheral nerves diagnostic

  • Spasticity management in Adults

  • Spasticity management in Pediatric Patients

  • Pressure injuries and diabetic foot ulcers  

  • Neuromodulation 

  • MESO Therapy

  • Shockwave Therapy (SWT) 

  • Gait Training

Number of attendees are limited maximum (25 persons) minimum (5 persons)

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