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Abstract Submission

Call for Abstracts

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission is now open.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 18th of March, 2022

General information's :

All abstracts must be submitted via the official website

Before 18th of March 2022 via the online form.

All abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Please follow the instructions listed on the website step by step.

You can send your queries to 

Abstract Submission Guidelines ​

  1. Abstracts must be written exclusively in good English, clearly showing the content to be presented. Length should not exceed 250 words; font should be TIMES NEW ROMAN and size to be 12.

  2. The Title has to be brief, short and describe the presentation in capital letters, not to exceed 20 words.

  3. State specific objectives of the study.

  4. State method used.

  5. Summarize results obtained and conclusions reached.

  6. Standard abbreviations can be used. Special or unusual abbreviations are not recommended. If otherwise necessary, the latter should be placed in parenthesis after the first appearance of the full word, except for unit symbols. Numeral rather than words may be used to indicate numbers.

  7. References are not required for abstract submission.

  8. The author’s names have to be mentioned preceded by initials. Please underline the Presenting Author of the Abstract.

  9. The presenting author should register at the congress.

  10. State institutional affiliations.

  11. A correspondence mailing address and name of the presenter, together with authors Email, telephone and fax numbers should be included.

  12. Authors will be notified regarding acceptance and the method of presentation.


  • ​Rhinology (Sinuses, Anterior Skull base surgery).

  • Rhinoplasty, Facial Plastic Surgery.

  • Otology, Neurotology and Lateral Skull Base Surgery.

  • Cochlear Implants.

  • Audiology.

  • Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology

  • Pediatric Otolaryngology.

  • Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

  • Antibiotics & Resistance.


  • Background and aims (mandatory)

  • Methods (mandatory)

  • Results (mandatory)

  • Conclusions (mandatory)

Submission Closed

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